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Reader and performance reviews of plays in Mark's first book,
A Collection of Plays by Mark Frank.
"I specifically enjoyed the play "Bend" because it had a "Sixth Sense" type of feel to it. The characters were original ... this is a great play for anyone who is dealing with a limited budget, there is really no need for elaborate scenery or costumes. I found the character of the rodeo clown particularly interesting and loved how all of the characters slowly melted into different aspects of the main character and her barriers in life.
I also enjoyed "Purrfect"... a very fun use of alliteration with creative insights into the feline world. Overall, some new and original monologue opportunities for auditions in "Bend" and some fun reading and acting challenges in "Purrfect".

- A reader from Nashville, TN, USA

(Review of Bend performance) "During his tenure, Frank has had a history of challenging his students and his audiences with complex works... Now he has written a play that follows in that same tradition, challenging both the actors and the viewers with a complicated tale.... overall, the play handles them (themes of alcoholism, rejection, illness, rape, abandonment) with sensitivity and a sense of heightened realism."
Doug Armbruster, Staff Writer

"This book introduces many original stories and is combined with many different genres. Try something different for change; pick up the book and read it."
- A Kansas University Film Student

" I am a playwright from New York and even though this book is self published it has great quality. The plays are very original and some are quite funny. I recommend this book of plays for those who are looking for something different, but amusing."
- Reader from New York, USA

"A Collection of Plays by Mark Frank is a very funny book. It has six plays all which are off the wall comedies. I liked Hotel 5 the best, it's so warped, yet very funny. I also like A Purrfect Life about two cats and the only serious play in he collection, Bend. I would say that this book is definitely worth the price."
- Reader from Missouri, USA

(Review of I, Figaro! performance) "The slapstick humor, not to mention the paper-thin plot, in the show, clearly influenced by Frank's admitted fondness for The Tree Stooges, keeps the audience laughing from start to finish. And there is even an audience participation scene adding to the viewer interest."
Doug Armbuster, Staff Writer

"I do stand up for a living, so I think I can fully say that I understand comedy. This is comedy! So many people just don't understand, but if you're a fan of humour and absurdism - this book is for you!"
- A reader from, New York, USA

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Mark Frank is the 2000 and 2006 Coffeyville Community College Professor of the Year and the Coffeyville Area Chamber of Commerce 2000 Educator of the Year.

A Collection of Plays by Mark Frank: Volume II introduces seven new plays by playwright Mark Frank.

In the powerful drama No-Code, Matt Mitchell enters the cruel world of nursing homes. In the comedy, Greek Soup, we meet famous tragic characters from Greek literature as they all work together to save their restaurant in Athens, New York, from being shut down by the Health Inspector. In the comedy Just Being Barry White, Gunther Heimleck, has the spirit of Barry White enter his body to sweep the girl of his dreams off her feet. In the drama, The Color of Slumber, Logan must try to escape the dream he is trapped in by the mysterious "her" and fight off the evil Mr. Shroud. In the one-act drama, The War Chest, a young girl falls into her grandfather's war chest and finds herself in Germany, World War II during the Jewish Holocaust. In the one-act comedy, Remember the Audience we find out what happens when the audience creates a play on the spot. In the one-act comedy, Life, Cigarettes and the Great, Great Beyond we join Hitler, Jesus, and Elvis for a smoke and conversation in the great beyond.
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Scott Hooker ( , a performer, and former student, 07/18/2006

Mark Frank is an amazing writer that can bring comedy out the woodworks. His writings are like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. His dramatic plays can really make you look deep into yourself and question your beliefs.

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This document confirms and binds Mark Frank (Author)
and (Institution/Person’s name) to the following
agreement and specific arrangements with regards to (name of play)

1.1 The Author is sole owner and Author of the play of which is wholly original with the Author and has not been otherwise copied in whole part from any other work; the play and use of the play as herein contemplated do not violate, conflict with, or infringe upon any intellectual property rights of any person, firm, organization, corporation, or any other entity.

1.2 The Author has sole and exclusive rights to enter this Agreement and has the rights
authority to grant the rights granted by Author herein

2.1 The Author hereby grants to the Producer the right to produce and present the play
at (Theatre‘s name) (Month/Date’s/Year)

3.1 In consideration for the right to produce the play, the Producer agrees to pay
the Author $50.00 per performance. Payment shall be made upon signing of this
contract. If the Author becomes deceased, payment will be made to Author’s family.

3.2 The Producer shall not have the right to produce any additional performances
of the play.

4.1 The Producer, recognizing that the play is the exclusive creation of the Author,
agrees that it will not make or permit to be made any additions, omissions and/or
alterations of the play, including dialogue, and stage directions without prior
written consent of the Author. Any violation of this paragraph will be sufficient
cause for Author to immediately terminate all rights of the Producer hereunder.

4.2 The Producer acknowledges it is the Producers responsibility to obtain the
the rights to any music mentioned in the text of the play. The granting of the
rights to produce the play does not include the rights to the music mentioned
in the stage directions of the play.

5.1 The Author shall receive billing credit in all programs, posters, flyers, advertising
and publicity of the play under the control of the Producer. The Author shall be accorded billing with the respect to the play on a line by itself, immediately following the title of the play. Said billing shall be in a type size no less than 50% of the size of the title. No other person receiving billing shall receive larger type than Author.

5.2 The Author will be sent a copy of all promotional materials as part of the contract
signed. Any video recording of the play must be granted by the Author before any
performances. The Author upon his permission will be sent a copy of the video-
taped copy of the performance of the play.

5.3 The Author shall have the following bio in all programs and press releases about
the production of the play: “Mark Frank (Playwright) is the Theatre Department of
Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville Kansas. His plays have been
produced in New York, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Missouri. He is
the 2003 American College Theatre Festival Merit Award winner for Outstanding
Writing of a Farce for his play Greek Soup. His book of plays, A Collection of
Plays Volume I by Mark Frank was published in 2002 and his second book of plays
is due out in 2005.”

6.1 All rights in the play not expressly granted by the Producer in this agreement
are reserved to the Author for the Author’s uncontrolled disposition and use.

6.2 The Producer acknowledges and agrees that any copyright of the play, including
any extensions or renewals thereof throughout the world, shall be exclusively
in the name of the Author.

7.1 The Producer agrees that no photo copies of the play will be used for rehearsals.
The Producer agrees to obtain copies of, A Collection of Plays by Mark Frank Volume I and II for the official copies of the script by cast and crew.

8.1 Author and Producer will sign both copies of this contract.

8.2 Producer will return one signed contract along with a check made out to
Mark Frank for (amount/($50 per performance) no later than date of first rehersal.

Please mail completed and signed contract with payment to:

Mark Frank (Author)
503 Centennial, Coffeyville, KS 67337

We will mail a signed copy of the contract for your records back to the return address you provide.

________________________ _______________________________
(Printed name of Producer) (Title of Producer or Company Name)

________________________ ________________________
(Signature of Producer) (Date)


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